So! You've just found the MUD, created your first character, and now find yourself smack in the middle of a wonderfully rich, textured, deep and... well... complicated new world.

Not to worry, though! You're not the first newbie the Disc has ever seen, and (we certainly hope!) you won't be the last. Every mighty oldbie, from the Rim to the Hub, was once just like you- clueless! This means you've actually got an advantage; you get to draw from their experience!

This page contains a variety of articles and guides which may be of interest to you, the newbie. It is recommended that you start with the Introduction to Settings, Introduction to Aliases, Introduction to Commands and Introduction to Atlases pages.

Note that these guides often do not offer comprehensive or complete information, but rather, just enough to adequately familiarize a new player with general concepts. Further knowledge will come fairly easily, with experience, experimentation, and use of the syntax command and in-game helpfiles.

Pages in category "Newbie Guides"

The following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total.

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