Ankh-Morpork Palace GuardArmourAxe of Managerial Ire
Bad AssBanishing of Loquacious SpiritsBanishing of Prying Eyes
Banishing of Unnatural UrgesBejewelled cutlassBiddy Amble's Bee Buzzer
Black bokkenBlack iron flailBlackened katana
Blackened ninjatoBlackened stilettoBlood smeared axe
Bone hatchetBorogravian bread stickBorogravian earspoon
Borogravian war flailBrewBroomstick (magic item)
CommandsCreditsCure Light Wounds
Curved SwordDangerous zonesDelicate black stiletto
Delicate swordDelusions of GrandeurDibbler clone
Discworld MUD WikiDiscworld MUD Wiki BackupDjToon
Djelian Battle AxeDjelian GuardDjelibeybi
Double-Headed Battle-AxeDouble-Headed War AxeDuchess Saturday's Musketeers
Dwarven AxeEditing and Style HelpElegant Steel Axe
Evil death rayFadeFencing blade
Fine sabreFlickFlying sickle
FuGammer Shorga's Helpful UndergrowthGammer Tumult's Amalgamator
Glittery swordGold handled axeGolden dragon nunchaku
Golden sickleGoody Whemper's Apple DivinationGrammer Scorbic's Household Guard
Granny Beedle's Cooperative CreditsGranny Benedict's Bond of LoyaltyGranny Lipintense's Layer of Lard
Grflx armourGuild PointsGuilds
GultaHacksawHag's Blessing
HoeHoly Blade of SoyinHooter of death
House animal stilettoHublandish BarbariansHunters
Hunting swordImbueImperial Guard
Introduction to AtlasesIntroduction to CombatIntroduction to Commands
Introduction to SettingsIntroduction to SkillsIntroduction to Syntax
Iron gauntletsIsle of TonahamenJaimes
JoKatanaKatana (custom weapon)
KlatchKlatchian Foreign LegionKlatchian steel hatchet
Knight's halberdLancre Highland RegimentLarge axe
Large pickaxeLightweight bamboo fighting staffLike to blow
MacesMain Page as of 16 September 2009Making money
Malich's Penetrating Ocular LanceMama Blackwing's Potent PreserverMama Kolydina's Instant Infestation
MasakariMeridian axeMighty green cucumber
Mission StatementMorning starMother Brynda's Call of Gravity
Mother Feelbright's Busy BeesMother Harblist's Fruity FlyerMother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment
Mythic swordNanny OggNanny Revere's Traitorous Talisman
One-handed battle axeOnoOrnamental temple axe
Rose-hilted long swordRubber chickenRuby-hilted rapier
Ruby hilted daggerRune-engraved crescent wrenchSamurai
SeamstressesSenssu fanShamshir
Sharpened saiShort sword (custom weapon)Silver dragon nunchaku
Silver flailSmall morning starSmall throwing hatchet
Soil-encrusted pitchforkSpecialisationsSpell storage units
SquintStained battle axeSteel-bladed kama
Steel battle axeStilettoSto Helit morning star
Style Guide - SpellsTankTempt
The Warriors' GuildThief's daggerThreshing flail
Tiger FangTranscendent Pneumatic AlleviatorTravelling Shop
Triple-chained war flailTwo-handed axeVentriloquist's dummy
War flailWeapon Masters' CourtWeapon command
Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear MuffsWhite oak bokkenWicked little stiletto
Witch Spells Quick ReferenceWitchesWooden axe
Wooden flailWooden nunchakuWoodsman's axe
Wreck-Me-Own-Boat ThursdayРучное размещение на досках объявлений
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File:Example.jpgFile:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gif
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File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Quest.gifFile:Smiley.gif

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