Mother Brynda's Call of Gravity
Vital statistics
Guild Witches
Type Offensive
GP cost 50
Crystal N/A

Mother Brynda's Call of GravityEdit

Spell DescriptionEdit

With the help of a handy willow stick, bring down your own floater for repair or replacement, or indeed use it to give a fellow witch (obviously a Bad Witch, unless you're bad yourself) wot for. Also for use on Wizzie floaters. To remove them, I mean.

Costs and ComponentsEdit


Guild Primaries
  • Magic.Methods.Mental.Channelling
Other skills
  • Magic.Methods.Physical.Evoking
  • Magic.Methods.Physical.Binding


May be learned from Granny Weatherwax

15 levels of Magic.Spells.Offensive


Cast Mother Brynda's Call of Gravity on <target>


  • If successful, the spell will cause the floater to fall to the ground, not to the caster's inventory.
  • Whether successful or not, the spell will cause you to drop the willow withe.

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