Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear Muffs
Vital statistics
Guild Witches
Type Defensive
GP cost 20
Crystal Emerald

Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear MuffsEdit

Spell DescriptionEdit

This spell protects the target from loud noises, such as the hedgehog song, a wizard's EHA and a warrior's warcry.

Costs and ComponentsEdit


Guild Primaries
  • Magic.Methods.Mental.Channelling
  • Magic.Methods.Physical.Chanting
Other skills
  • Magic.Methods.Elemental.Air

Times and DurationsEdit

Does duration depend on bonus?


May be learned from Granny Weatherwax
20 levels of Magic.Spells.Defensive
Focus tea research to be added to the talk page of this article


Cast Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear Muffs on <me/target/s>


  • It shows up with the Shields command.

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